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Keeping your pets flea and worm-free

For dogs

Puppies and kittens should be wormed on a monthly basis until 12 weeks of age and then every 3 months, partly on public health grounds. Some of the pet shop wormers are not as effective.


We advise that any dogs which may eat slugs, snails or plants should be dosed monthly with Advocate to prevent the lung worm, which can cause fatal internal bleeding and is in the local area. Advocate also treats fleas, round worms and fox mange.

Cats should be treated monthly with Frontline, Advocate or Stronghold for fleas or there is a 6 monthly injection.  They should be wormed every 3 months with tablets or Profender spot on which can be much easier than tablets in some cats or use Broadline which is Frontline with added tapewormer.


If there is a heavy flea infestation we advise a home spray which lasts 12 months and prevents flea larvae developing as well as killing adult fleas.

For cats

puppy and a kitten